Get Easy Access to iPhone Secret Menu with Codes

Get access to the iPhone secret menu with secret codes. Now, all iPhones has some secret menus. These secret menus contain many information and amazing features. But, you cannot get access to those menus with the Settings apporthe normal interface. The only way to unlock those menus is to use secret codes. However, some new codes have been discovered which will allow you to get access to iPhone secret menus easily. You just need to type some certain codes in the Phone app’s keypad screen to unlock a specific menu. Besides, you can pick all secret codes from here and unlock your IPhone’s secret menu.

iPhone secret menu

iPhone secret menu

How to Access on iPhone secret menu?

You can get an easy access on the iPhone secret menu. What you have to need is just follow my lead. At first, you need to open the Phone app and on the keypad type *3001#12345#*. It will open a menu that will give you details about your signal strength, SIM card, and other many stuff. After that, you need to type *#33# and then press the green call button. It will bring the call barring settings for your iPhone. Then type *#43# which will let you know if call waiting is enabled or not.

Moreover, you can also view your phone’s IMEI number just type *#06# which is available on the Settings > Genera >about page. So, these are some secret codes which will enhance you to get access to iPhone secret menu.

Some Secret Codes to Unlock iPhone secret menu

You can easily unlock iPhone secret menu with the codes that I have given below.

  • Displays IMEI code– *#06#.
  • Hidden Field Test menu code–*3001#12345#* + “Call”.
  • Display call waiting statuscode –*#43# + “Call”.
  • Enable call waitingcode–*43# + “Call”.
  • Disable calls waitingcode –#43# + “Call”.
  • Display call forwarding statuscode –*#21#.
  • Disables all calls forwardingcode –##002# + “Call”.
  • Enables call barringcode – *33*pin#.
  • Disables call barringcode –#33*pin#.
  • Blocks caller ID for the current phone call Code –#31#phone-number + “Call”.
  • This code displays your carrier’s message center phone number–*#5005*7672# + “Call”.

How to Use the Secret Codes?
You can use the secret codes to get access to iPhone secret menu. But, first, the secret codes are combinations of numbers and the *(asterisk) and # (number sign) symbols. Moreover, these codes are used with the help of your iPhone’s dial pad. You can easily open the Phone app and tap on the keypad as well. Then you only need to input one of the available codes to unlock a menu. You’ll need to press the green call button or not it actually depends on the type of the combination.

At last, everi Phone has some secret menus and those secret menus can be unlocked with some specific secret codes. Besides, I have given some codes in the above article. However, I hope those secret codes will help you to get access to the iPhone secret menu.

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